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Magento Product Type

Easy Product Type Changer by Savva Media is a must have extension for your Magento shop.
When you insert a product in Magento, you need to choose which product type you wish to assign your product to. Once that choice is made it's then fixed, you can't change it. This module enables you to easily change any product or any amount of products easily with a click of a mouse, right from the admin panel.
Once installed, please flush your Magento Cache and cache storage. Then choose Catalog and Manage products from the top menu bar. You can then select the product/s you wish to change the product type and click the Actions drop down. Choose "Change Product Type" and you will automatically see the list of Product Types available to choose from. Select the target Product Type and then hit the Submit button. That's all there is to it. Magento will let you know when all the changes have been made. The time required to complete the process, will depend on the amount of products you selected.
This module has been tested and is compatible with all versions of Magento.